Play annotation 001
Grandmother will try to tell (a story about) when grandfather was alive, and grandmother and father were young.
nene coba cerita, dulu waktu tete masih ada, nene dengan bapa dong masih kecil itu
Play annotation 002
They went to Makungbuar, (and) scraped sago there
pergi ke Makungbuar, tokok sagu tinggal disana
Play annotation 003
Grandfather, father, they went to hunt, if they wanted to go hunting
tete, bapa dong (mereka) pergi berburu, itu kalau dong mau jalan
Play annotation 004
what are the things that should be brought to the hunt?
apa yang dong harus bawa untuk berburu
Play annotation 005
When we scrape sago, what equipment do we need?
terus kalau mau tokok sagu itu, harus siapkan apa saja
Play annotation 006
Nene will tell the story in the Dusner language.
nanti nene coba cerita dalam bahasa dusner
Play annotation 001
In those days we stayed until the elder passed away, (the elder) who lived in Nabire.
syar iya ke ndoton ko mansar ine i vero vero Navirei riwa
syar i-ya ke ndo-ton ko mansar i-ne i ve-ro ve-ro Navire-i ri-wa
day 3SG-DEM.DIST Topic 1EXCL.PL-sit until elder 3SG-DEM.PROX PRO.3SG which-at which-at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 002
He asked (us), he said that we should go (paddle) to Mambiriu that night.
ivre ive tovors ro rov rya tora Mambiriu
i-ve i-ve to-vors ro rov rya to-ra Mambiriu
3SG-say 3SG-say 1INCL.PL-paddle at night EVID-DET.3SG 1INCL.PL-move
Play annotation 003
We went landward to Makumbuar and we saw sago there.
tora rei ro Makumbuar toman ran nawa
to-ra re ro Makumbuar to-man ran na-wa
1INCL.PL-move landward at 1INCL.PL-see sago 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 004
We went landwards but the land was covered by logs so (my) elder brother, he took a machete and cleared away the bamboo.
ndora reu me ran naya vevua ya ndior ko kaka iya ndiuta smber ine ria piaptama mamora nane
ndo-ra re-u me ran na ve-vua ya ndi-or ko kaka i-ya ndi-ut-a smber i-ne i-ra i-paptama mamora na-ne
1EXCL.PL-move landward-U e sago 3PL.NONHUM-DET which-big DET.3SG 3SG-call until elder.sibling 3SG-DEM.DIST 3SG-take-a machete 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-move 3SG-clear bamboo 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 005
He brought them (the bamboo stalks) here and then my father said: 'Put them there.'
ndiut na ma me papa ive ro ie ive pir na ro riya
ndi-ut na ma me papa i-ve ro i-e i-ve pir na ro ri-ya
3SG-take PRO.3PL.NONHUM then father 3SG-say at PRO.3SG-e 3SG-say put PRO.3PL.NONHUM at EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 006
He went up to cut down the sago.
ria ryae ivos ran rine
i-ra ryae i-vos ran ri-ne
3SG-move 3SG-cut sago EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 007
(My) older brother took a penokok (tool to scrape out the sago) landward and we two sat to scrape the sago.
kaka ya ndiuta maun nane ra re ve nutone nutar
kaka ya ndi-ut-a maun na-ne ra re ve ndu-ton-e ndu-tar
elder.sibling DET.3SG 3SG-take-a shredder 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX move landward want 1EXCL.DU-sit-e 1EXCL.DU-shred
Play annotation 008
(My) father went seaward to set up the tempat ramas (container for sago).
papa ria rarvav iya savr ine
papa i-ra rarvav i-ya savr i-ne
father 3SG-move downward 3SG-DEM.DIST container.for.sago 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 009
After that he brought a net bag landward and took them (the pieces of shredded sago).
rimnau riari iuta roton ine ne ra re ya iuta na nane
rimnau riari i-ut-a roton i-ne e ra re ya i-ut-a na na-ne
after.that so 3SG-take-a bag 3SG-DEM.PROX e move landward DET.3SG 3SG-take-a PRO.3PL.NONHUM 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 011
He brought them (the sago) seaward and I stood and pressed them.
ndiut na ra rawa yorse ramas na
ndi-ut na ra ra-wa ya-ors-e ramas na
3SG-take PRO.3PL.NONHUM move seaward-DEM.POSTDIST 1SG-stand-e press PRO.3PL.NONHUM
Play annotation 012
After finishing, (my) older brother said that he wanted to go hunting.
ko rimnau me kaka ive a ria siapnap
ko rimnau me kaka i-ve a i-ra i-sapnap
until having.completed.something then elder.sibling 3SG-say a 3SG-move 3SG-hunt
Play annotation 013
Nene's father, the one from Nabire, went up there.
vero Navirei riwa Nenei tmari ria ryae riari
ve-ro Navire-i ri-wa Nene-i tmari i-ra ryae riari
which-at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST name.of.a.person-DET.3SG father-3SG.POSS 3SG-move so
Play annotation 014
A big dog named Mekiaroran, he barked at a big pig.
napa romansar ya snoria ri Mekiaroran vie romun romansar
nap-a romansar ya snori-a ri Mekiaroran i-ve romun romansar
dog-a big DET.3SG name-3SG.POSS-a EVID-DET.3SG 3SG-bark pig big
Play annotation 015
It (the pig) ran down so Nene's father shot it dead (with an arrow).
imbur rarvav riari Nenei tmari itpo i ko imkare
i-mbur rarvav riari Nene-i tmari i-tpo i ko i-mkar-e
3SG-leave downward so name.of.a.person-DET.3SG father-3SG.POSS PRO.3SG until 3SG-die-e
Play annotation 016
He called us.
ndiora ndoen
ndi-or-a ndoen
3SG-call-a PRO.1EXCL.PL
Play annotation 017
He said: "Aunty, you all come here for this pig which I have shot dead."
ive amo mtora ma ven ya iri yatpo ine imkare
i-ve amo mto-ra ma ven ya i-ri ya-tpo i-ne i-mkar-e
3SG-say aunt 2PL-move pig DET.3SG 3SG-EVID 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-die-e
Play annotation 018
I want to bring it home but I can't.
yave yut i me diadi va
ya-ve ya-ut i me diadi va
1SG-want 1SG-take PRO.3SG but not
Play annotation 019
So you come here (to help).
riari mtora ma
riari mto-ra ma
therefore 2PL-move
Play annotation 020
We went landward and took dried sago leaves for him to make a fire here.
ndora reu nduta anandam nane viepor ine
ndo-ra re-u ndo-ut-a anandam na-ne i-ve-por i-ne
1EXCL.PL-move landward-U 1EXCL.PL-take-a dried.sago.leaves 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX 3SG-VBLZ-fire 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 021
We roasted it.
tun i
to-un i
1INCL.PL-roast PRO.3SG
Play annotation 022
Afterwards , we sat, and he cut off (pieces of the pig).
ko rimnau riari ndotone tioto
ko rimnau riari ndo-ton-e i-toto
until having.completed.something so 1EXCL.PL-sit-e 3SG-cut
Play annotation 023
Then he took the pig's head.
rimnau riari ndiuta rvu rya
rimnau riari ndi-ut-a rvu rya
after.that so 3SG-take-a head EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 024
Father, he took the (rest of the) pig.
papa ya ndiuta ven ya
papa ya ndi-ut-a ven ya
father DET.3SG 3SG-take-a pig DET.3SG
Play annotation 025
Elder brother brought the right front leg of the pig.
kaka ya ndiuta vra tatu ya
kaka ya ndi-ut-a vra tatu ya
elder.sibling DET.3SG 3SG-take-a arm right DET.3SG
Play annotation 026
We went home.
ndora ndombur
ndo-ra ndo-mbur
1EXCL.PL-move 1EXCL.PL-go.home
Play annotation 027
We went on seaward to the sago trees where we stayed.
ndombur ra rau ro ran rine ye ndoton e ro
ndo-mbur ra ra ro ran ri-ne e ndo-ton e ro
1EXCL.PL-leave move seaward at sago EVID-DEM.PROX e 1EXCL.PL-sit e at
Play annotation 028
We sat and saw that the dogs were barking at a tree kangaroo (which was) landward.
ndoton ndomambair a nap sine a svea amor ine re
ndo-ton ndo-mambair a nap si-ne a si-ve-a amor i-ne re
1EXCL.PL-sit 1EXCL.PL-observe a dog 3PL-DEM.PROX a 3PL-bark-a tree.kangaroo 3SG-DEM.PROX landward
Play annotation 029
The tree kangaroo ran towards us, seaward.
amor ine iprar ma rau
amor i-ne i-prar ma ra
tree.kangaroo 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-run seaward
Play annotation 030
(My) elder brother from Nabire, he said: we won't kill it!
kaka vero Navire iwa ive ah.. tomun i va
kaka ve-ro Navire i-wa i-ve ah to-mun i va
elder.sibling which-at 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST 3SG-say ah 1INCL.PL-kill PRO.3SG not
Play annotation 031
There is (already) a pig, so let it go.
ven ine riarka tove i ke imbur
ven i-ne riarka to-ve i ke i-mbur
pig 3SG-DEM.PROX so 1INCL.PL-give PRO.3SG Topic 3SG-leave
Play annotation 032
So I said: Oh, it's a blessing!
riari yave ah berkat rira
riari ya-ve ah berkat ri-rya
so 1SG-say ah blessing EVID-exist
Play annotation 033
But he said to me, he said: There are so many things here, is there a boat?
me ivre ro ro ya ive a.. ro vevuor ine wak rira e
me i-ve ro ro ya i-ve a ro ve-vuor i-ne wak ri-rya e
but 3SG-say at at PRO.1SG 3SG-say a thing which-many 3SG-DEM.PROX boat EVID-exist e
Play annotation 034
So I said: Oh, then let it go.
riari yave yo rimnau imbur me
riari ya-ve o rimnau i-mbur me
so 1SG-say o having.completed.something 3SG-go.home then
Play annotation 035
We went home to Mambiriu.
ndombur i ra ra ro Mambiriu
ndo-mbur i ra ra ro Mambiriu
1EXCL.PL-go.home PRO.3SG move seaward at
Play annotation 036
We shredded (the sago) in Makumbuar.
ndotar ro Makumbuar riarka
ndo-tar ro Makumbuar riarka
1EXCL.PL-shred at so
Play annotation 037
Brother did not take the pig, I took the shredded sago.
kaka ndiut va ven ine yut ran nane
kaka ndi-ut va ven i-ne ya-ut ran na-ne
elder.sibling 3SG-take not pig 3SG-DEM.PROX 1SG-take sago 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 038
Father went home first.
mansar ine pion e
mansar i-ne i-pon e
elder 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-front e
Play annotation 039
Brother followed.
kaka e iyau
kaka e i-yau
elder.sibling e 3SG-follow
Play annotation 040
We all went home, went seaward.
ndomburu ndombur ra rawa
ndo-mbur-u ndo-mbur ra ra-wa
1EXCL.PL-go.home-U 1EXCL.PL-go.home move seaward-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 041
We stayed at Mambiriu River.
ndenep ro Mambiriu wari ro riya
ndo-enep ro Mambiriu war-i ro ri-ya
1EXCL.PL-sleep at water-DET.3SG at EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 042
We stayed there until the next day then my elder brother said to father 'We will go home'.
to meskema aipe kaka ivre ro mansar ine ive tombur
toen meskema yaipe kaka i-ve ro mansar i-ne i-ve to-mbur
PRO.1INCL.PL tomorrow so elder.sibling 3SG-say at elder 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-say 1INCL.PL-go.home
Play annotation 043
So father said: "We will go home", and so we left that day.
riari mansar ine ive tombur riari syar ine ke tombur
riari mansar i-ne i-ve to-mbur riari syar i-ne ke to-mbur
so elder 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-say 1INCL.PL-go.home therefore day 3SG-DEM.PROX Topic 1INCL.PL-leave
Play annotation 044
We went home with the sago to our house seaward.
touta ran nane tomburo kan rawa vero rum siwa
to-ut-a ran na-ne to-mbur-o kan ra-wa ve-ro rum si-wa
1INCL.PL-take-a sago 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX 1INCL.PL-leave-o be.back seaward-DEM.POSTDIST which-at house 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 045
They were hungry so we went home quickly.
simbuser riarka tomburo asi
si-mbuser riarka to-mbur-o asi
3PL-be.hungry so 1INCL.PL-leave-o quickly