Play annotation 001
Grandma will talk about our traditions... (to Anna) like what?
nene coba cerita kitong punya adat istiadat itu bagaimana
Play annotation 002
If there are any problems, Grandfather will solve them because he is older.
jadi nanti kalau ada urusan tete yang pergi bicara karena tete yang tua
Play annotation 003
But if Grandfather passes away,
tapi kalau (tete) sudah tidak ada
Play annotation 004
who will solve the problems instead of him?
siapa yang harus ganti tete untuk bisa bicara
Play annotation 005
(That person) will represent our family, so...
yang mewakili tong punya keluarga jadi
Play annotation 006
for the next generations, who will
turun temurun itu siapa nanti yang harus
Play annotation 007
continue to speak? What about
bicara terus bagaimana
Play annotation 008
the opinions of
tanggapan dari
Play annotation 009
others in the family?
posisi dari keluarga-keluarga yang lain
Play annotation 010
The women will listen to that person and follow them.
misalnya perempuan itu dorang dengar atau ikut
Play annotation 011
Okay, grandmother, tell the story in Dusner.
iyo coba nene cerita dalam bahasa Dusner
Play annotation 012
We stayed until your grandfather Ba (nickname for Steven) passed away.
toton ko tpumi mansar Ba imbur vur toen
to-ton ko tpumi mansar Ba i-mbur vur toen
1INCL.PL-sit until grandfather-2SG.POSS elder name.of.a.person 3SG-leave pass PRO.1INCL.PL
Play annotation 013
We stayed in the village, right?, (and) if something went wrong, your father would tell (us).
riarka toton ro munuai te riwa ko royo me tmami tiatopen
riarka to-ton ro munuai te ri-wa ko ro-o me tmami i-tatopen
so 1INCL.PL-sit at village Ques EVID-DEM.POSTDIST until thing-o then father-2SG.POSS 3SG-tell
Play annotation 014
There was a man there so we girls didn't talk about anything.
snomani riarka a riken ndoen ine ndotatopen va
snoman-i riarka a riken ndoen i-ne ndo-tatopen va
male-DET.3SG so a daughter PRO.1EXCL.PL 3SG-DEM.PROX 1EXCL.PL-tell not
Play annotation 015
So this man, he spoke, so we listened to him.
snoman riarka i tiatopen aipe ndomnap ro i
snoman riarka i i-tatopen yaipe ndo-mnap ro i
male so PRO.3SG 3SG-tell so 1EXCL.PL-listen at PRO.3SG
Play annotation 016
But he deferred (gave power) to Rei's father.
vape vieopor hak ro a Rei tmari
vape i-ve-opor hak ro a Rei tmari
but 3SG-VBLZ-give rights at a name.of.a.person father-3SG.POSS
Play annotation 017
The oldest son.
komoi romansar ine
komoi romansar i-ne
son big 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 018
Not Maisi, not Joni, but Rei's father.
Maisi rova Yoni rova Rei tmari
Mais-i ro-va Yon-i ro-va Rei tmari
name.of.a.person-DET.3SG thing-not name.of.a.person-DET.3SG thing-not name.of.a.person father-3SG.POSS
Play annotation 019
He was the oldest son, so he should make decisions (speak).
i vevua e tiatopen
i ve-vua e i-tatopen
PRO.3SG which-big e 3SG-tell
Play annotation 020
That is the way things work in the village.
rimni kardian ya ro munuai riwa
rimni kardian ya ro munuai ri-wa work DET.3SG at village EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 021
And then they looked for someone.
me seserep snontu
me si-serep snontu
then 3PL-seek person
Play annotation 022
snontu tesira?
snontu tesira
person who
Play annotation 023
You go and take the boy (with you).
mtora mtouta vemow iwa
mto-ra mto-ut-a vemow i-wa
2PL-move 2PL-take-a child 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 024
The one from Nabire came here (to the village).
vero Navire iwa
ve-ro Navire i-wa
Play annotation 025
That Nabire.
Navirei riwa
Navire-i ri-wa EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 026
That boy should be the one (not anyone else).
vemow i riarira a vemow a romansar rya
vemow i riari-rya a vemow a romansar rya
child PRO.3SG therefore-exist a child a big EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 027
He wanted to study there until he came back.
ve iknau ko riarpur riarka
ve i-knau ko i-rarpur riarka
want 3SG-study until 3SG-move.back so
Play annotation 028
A snake took him.
kariom ndut i
kariom ndi-ut i
snake 3SG-take PRO.3SG
Play annotation 029
We took him and they looked for him.
ndut i e sra srae
ndo-ut i e si-ra si-ra-e
1EXCL.PL-take PRO.3SG e 3PL-move 3PL-move-e
Play annotation 030
They saw some logs.
smana ai naya
si-man-a ai na
3PL-see-a wood 3PL.NONHUM-DET
Play annotation 031
They walked until they got to Simiei.
riari sra ko sra ro Simie ye
riari si-ra ko si-ra ro Simie e
so 3PL-move until 3PL-move at e
Play annotation 032
Nabi Village.
Play annotation 033
They went to Narmasa River.
sra ro Narmas
si-ra ro Narmas
3PL-move at
Play annotation 034
They came back again to Kilo Empat Belas (place name: lit. 14 Kilometers).
sivurkavr wer rari sra ro kilo empatbelas
si-vurkavr wer ra-ri si-ra ro kilo empatbelas
3PL-come.back again seaward-EVID 3PL-move at kilometre fourteen
Play annotation 035
They were at the seaward place.
sro ra
si-ro ra
3PL-at seaward
Play annotation 036
He went down to your grandfather, they were in Kilo Empat Makungbuar.
ria rarvav ro tpumi si ro kilo ata Makumbuar
i-ra rarvav ro tpumi si ro kilo ata Makumbuar
3SG-move downward at grandfather-2SG.POSS PRO.3PL at kilometre four
Play annotation 037
He stayed until the afternoon.
tion ko sori riarka
i-ton ko sori riarka
3SG-sit until afternoon so
Play annotation 038
Some men were walking.
amber sine sepaptam a ro riarka
amber si-ne si-paptam a ro riarka
master 3PL-DEM.PROX 3PL-walk a at so
Play annotation 039
They saw him so they called (and told) him to follow them.
sman i ko sor i ria iyausar si
si-man i ko si-or i i-ra i-yausar si
3PL-see PRO.3SG until 3PL-call PRO.3SG 3SG-move 3SG-follow PRO.3PL
Play annotation 040
So the man's name was Yoner.
riari amber ya snoriari Yoner
riari amber ya snoriari Yoner
so master DET.3SG name-3SG.POSS name.of.a.person
Play annotation 041
The two of them played together, went around together, stayed together.
supnat sura sura ndiar suton suton ndiar
su-pnat su-ra su-ra ndiar su-ton su-ton ndiar
3DU-play 3DU-move 3DU-move all 3DU-sit 3DU-sit all
Play annotation 042
So the two, that man and him, kept talking to each other until the present day.
riari amber iwa sutatopen ro ko syar ine
riari amber i-wa su-tatopen ro ko syar i-ne
so master 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST 3DU-tell at until day 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 043
That boy talked to him, using his mobile phone, right? (he received the call).
vemow ine tiatopen ro i ro a hape te ro nane vebalas ma
vemow i-ne i-tatopen ro i ro a hape te ro na-ne ve-balas ma
child 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-tell at PRO.3SG at a Ques at 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX VBLZ-reply
Play annotation 044
The two of them talked.
Play annotation 045
So I said:, right, they are that Yone and Mais.
riari yave rivieu vevua kaka rira Yoni Maisi su
riari ya-ve rivieu ve-vua kaka ri-rya Yon-i Mais-i su
so 1SG-say correct which-big elder.sibling EVID-EVID-DET name.of.a.person-DET.3SG name.of.a.person-DET.3SG 3DU-DET
Play annotation 046
Play annotation 047
Oh, it should be the man.
a amber iwa tane
a amber i-wa tane
a master 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST (intensifier)
Play annotation 048
So the gentleman, he left us.
riari mansar ine imbur vur ndoen
riari mansar i-ne i-mbur vur ndoen
so elder 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-go.home pass PRO.1EXCL.PL
Play annotation 049
So we sat and waited.
yaipe ndoton me ndosnektiar
yaipe ndo-ton me ndo-snektiar
so 1EXCL.PL-sit then 1EXCL.PL-hope
Play annotation 050
The oldest son (first-born) was in Nabire.
snoman vevua iwa ro Navire i
snoman ve-vua i-wa ro Navire i
male which-big 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST at PRO.3SG
Play annotation 051
But that son
vape vemow ine
vape vemow i-ne
but child 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 052
Elder brother will inform them later.
vevua rine nai tiatopen na
ve-vua ri-ne nai i-tatopen na
which-big EVID-DEM.PROX later 3SG-tell PRO.3PL.NONHUM