Play annotation 001
These children don't study well.
vemow a sine ke siknau vetatu va
vemow a si-ne ke si-knau ve-tatu va
child a 3PL-DEM.PROX Topic 3PL-study which-right not
Play annotation 002
They just play.
sipnat vanas
si-pnat vanas
3PL-play only
Play annotation 003
So I say: In the past, in this school, how were they?
riari yave pon o riya sikora nane raveso
riari ya-ve pon o ri-ya sikora na-ne raveso
therefore 1SG-say front o EVID-DEM.DIST school 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX how
Play annotation 004
But you all didn't study.
vape mtoknau rya va
vape mto-knau rya va
but 2PL-study EVID-DET.3SG not
Play annotation 005
We said: "You all just want to play."
tove mtove mtopnat vanas
to-ve mto-ve mto-pnat vanas
1INCL.PL-say 2PL-want 2PL-play only
Play annotation 006
So you look around, you sit with your friends, they come around.
aipe o mtoman me a mtone kamuk siwa sra ma
yaipe o mto-man me a mto-ton-e kamuk si-wa si-ra ma
so o 2PL-see then a 2PL-sit-e friend 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST 3PL-move
Play annotation 007
They wear shoes and things like that.
vepake ra sapatu e
ve-pake ra sapatu e
VBLZ-wear shoes e
Play annotation 008
Things like that.
ro ve me ah
ro ve me ah
thing which e ah
Play annotation 009
All of us.
ndoen ndiar
ndoen ndiar
Play annotation 010
But how about it (what do you think)?
vape veveso yo
vape veveso o
but why o
Play annotation 011
You don't study.
waknau va
wa-knau va
2SG-study not
Play annotation 012
You just want to sit around, that's all.
wave twon vanas riarka
wa-ve wa-ton vanas riarka
2SG-want 2SG-sit only so
Play annotation 013
You see him(/her).
mwan i
wa-man i
2SG-see PRO.3SG
Play annotation 014
He(/she) gives you an order.
vieprenta au
i-ve prenta au
3SG-VBLZ give.order PRO.2SG
Play annotation 015
You work for him/her.
vekardia ro i
ve-kardia ro i
VBLZ-work at PRO.3SG
Play annotation 016
You eat, you just want to sit around.
wandoe, wave twon vanas
wa-an-e wa-ve wa-ton vanas
2SG-eat-e 2SG-want 2SG-sit only
Play annotation 017
So do I.
riari yasoko
riari ya-sok-o
so 1SG-too-o
Play annotation 018
Just like a small fish.
ve in ki
ve in ki
become fish small
Play annotation 019
I studied.
aipe yaknau rya
yaipe ya-knau rya
so 1SG-study EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 020
I studied until I went home, my mother and others, they were paddling.
yaknau ko yambur ra me mini svorese
ya-knau ko ya-mbur ra me mini si-vors-e
1SG-study until 1SG-go.home seaward then mother 3PL-paddle-e
Play annotation 021
They shredded (sago) in Watrei (place).
setaro Watrei
si-tar-o Watrei
Play annotation 022
They went away from me, and there was nothing to eat.
sra vur ya me ribro ro
si-ra vur ya me ri-bro ro
3PL-move pass PRO.1SG e thing which-eat EVID-empty at
Play annotation 023
So I sat and cried.
riari tone veyobo
riari ton-e ve-yob-o
therefore sit-e VBLZ-cry-o
Play annotation 024
I cried, and then afterwards...
veyob ko rimnau ra man me
ve-yob ko rimnau ra man me
VBLZ-cry until having.completed.something move see then
Play annotation 025
Then I saw that there was some sago lying there.
man me ran nane rvart riarka
man me ran na-ne rvart riarka
see then sago 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX lie so
Play annotation 026
And I said: Oh, I can make papeda (sago porridge) to eat.
yave o verano yan
ya-ve o ve-ran-o ya-an
1SG-say o VBLZ-sago-o 1SG-eat
Play annotation 027
(But there were) no vegetables.
ribro koko
ri-bro kok-o
EVID-empty vegetables-o
Play annotation 028
So I went landward to find vegetables.
ra ve re serep koko
ra ve re serep kok-o
move to landward seek vegetables-o
Play annotation 029
I stayed around here, but my brother-in-law came and gave (me) a fish.
ma ton me ripyori ria ma ive in ine
ma ton me ripyor-i i-ra ma i-ve in i-ne sit but 3SG-move 3SG-give fish 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 030
I said, Great!
yave o rimnau riari
ya-ve o rimnau riari
1SG-say o having.completed.something so
Play annotation 031
We sat and broiled the fish.
tone tun in ine
ton-e to-un in i-ne
sit-e 1INCL.PL-roast fish 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 032
We broiled it.
tun i e
to-un i e
1INCL.PL-roast PRO.3SG e
Play annotation 033
rimnau riari
rimnau riari
having.completed.something so
Play annotation 034
I ate until it was gone.
yando ko rimnaue a
ya-an ko rimnau-e a
1SG-eat until having.completed.something-e a
Play annotation 035
I got some water.
yuta mrep
ya-ut-a mrep
1SG-take-a water
Play annotation 036
I drank the water until it was gone.
yuta mrep nane ko naure
ya-ut-a mrep na-ne ko naure
1SG-take-a water 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX until nothing
Play annotation 037
We sat and drank.
tone tonem
ton-e to-inem
sit-e 1INCL.PL-drink
Play annotation 038
Mother and the others.
mini si
mini si
mother PRO.3PL
Play annotation 039
Mother and the others came home, so mother called me.
mini simbur ma riarka mini ndior ya
mini si-mbur ma riarka mini ndi-or ya
mother 3PL-leave so mother 3SG-call PRO.1SG
Play annotation 040
I say: What happened?
yave rosai ra
ya-ve rosai ra
1SG-say what move
Play annotation 041
Ah, you come here, bring the sago, and I will bring this sago home.
ah rwa ma wut ran nane ra yut ran nane ra ryae ro rum rine ye
ah wa-ra ma wa-ut ran na-ne ra ya-ut ran na-ne ra ryae ro rum ri-ne e
ah 2SG-move 2SG-take sago 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX seaward 1SG-take sago 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX move at house EVID-DEM.PROX e
Play annotation 042
I stayed there.
Play annotation 043
Mother said: Didn't you eat?
mini ive au ke wando va
mini i-ve au ke wa-an va
mother 3SG-say PRO.2SG Topic 2SG-eat not
Play annotation 044
"Yes, I already ate."
ah yando ko rimnau
ah ya-an ko rimnau
ah 1SG-eat until having.completed.something
Play annotation 045
So I say, in the past I studied only until elementary school.
riari yave pon riya sikora SD vanas
riari ya-ve pon ri-ya sikora SD vanas
so 1SG-say front EVID-DEM.DIST school only
Play annotation 046
I studied hard.
verajin yaknau
ve-rajin ya-knau
VBLZ-diligent 1SG-study
Play annotation 047
We live in the world.
toton ro dunia rine me
to-ton ro dunia ri-ne me
1INCL.PL-sit at earth EVID-DEM.PROX then
Play annotation 048
It's not like it used to be.
rimni vepro va
rimni ve-pon va which-front not
Play annotation 049
In the past, there were fewer teachers.
vepon ya ke vekuran guru
ve-pon ya ke ve-kuran guru
which-front DET.3SG Topic VBLZ-lack teacher
Play annotation 050
So, Mother and others, they didn't go to school.
riari mini sya ke siknau mor va
riari mini si ke si-knau mor va
so mother 3PL-DET Topic 3PL-study tired not
Play annotation 051
But they were able to sing and pray well.
vape svepande sendisen srau svenadi
vape si-ve-pande si-ndisen si-ra si-ve-nadi
but 3PL-VBLZ-clever 3PL-sing 3PL-move 3PL-VBLZ-prayer
Play annotation 052
But these young people, they don't pray.
vemow vuavo sine ke rova
vemow vavo si-ne ke ro-va
child young 3PL-DEM.PROX Topic thing-not
Play annotation 053
They just go and play.
sirae sipnat vanasa
si-ra-e si-pnat vanas-a
3PL-move-e 3PL-play only-a
Play annotation 054
They come, sit, and cry for food.
sra ma aipe sitone sveyob rovean
si-ra ma yaipe si-ton-e si-ve-yob ro-ve-an
3PL-move so 3PL-sit-e 3PL-VBLZ-cry thing-which-eat
Play annotation 055
So mother, she says to the teacher's wife in Manokwari over there:
riari a mini a ivre ro nyora vero Manokwari iwa
riari a mini a i-ve ro nyora ve-ro Manokwari i-wa
so a mother a 3SG-say at madam which-at 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 056
She says to her, she says: You just sit around.
ivre ro i ye ive au ke twon o vanas (a)
i-ve ro i e i-ve au ke wa-ton o vanas a
3SG-say at PRO.3SG e 3SG-say PRO.2SG Topic 2SG-sit o only a
Play annotation 057
You are a lady, so you don't want to move around.
venyonya riarka kakiap rwa ya
ve-nyora riarka kakiap wa-ra ya
VBLZ-madam so dislike 2SG-move DET.3SG
Play annotation 058
You eat, you bring lots of things, but your brother doesn't take many things.
wandoe wut ro mae vevua kaka ine ria e ndiut va ro vevuoro
wa-an-e wa-ut ro ma-e ve-vua kaka i-ne i-ra e ndi-ut va ro ve-vuor-o
2SG-eat-e 2SG-take thing which-big elder.sibling 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-move e 3SG-take not thing which-many-o
Play annotation 059
I tell her to sit.
yave tion o
ya-ve i-ton o
1SG-say 3SG-sit o
Play annotation 060
She just sits.
tion o vanasa
i-ton o vanas-a
3SG-sit o only-a
Play annotation 061
Play annotation 062
She is a lady (teacher's wife), so she just sits.
vie nyonya riarka tion
i-ve nyora riarka i-ton
3SG-become madam so 3SG-sit
Play annotation 063
I was angry, so I went home and sat underneath the house.
ya ke yarsai riarka yambur a ton ro rum vuav ya
ya ke ya-arsai riarka ya-mbur a ton ro rum vav ya
PRO.1SG Topic 1SG-be.angry so 1SG-leave a sit at house below DET.3SG
Play annotation 064
I sat underneath the house, so I said to the (other) children, I said:
ton ro rum vuav riari yavre ro vemow sine yavre
ton ro rum vav riari ya-ve ro vemow si-ne ya-ve
sit at house below so 1SG-say at child 3PL-DEM.PROX 1SG-say
Play annotation 065
If mother looks for me, don't tell (her about) me.
mini a ive sierep ya me mtotopen ya va
mini a i-ve i-serep ya me mto-topen ya va
mother a 3SG-want 3SG-seek PRO.1SG but 2PL-tell PRO.1SG not
Play annotation 066
I said: I want to sleep here.
yave yenep ro rine
ya-ve ya-enep ro ri-ne
1SG-say 1SG-sleep at EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 067
I was angry.
yarsai a
ya-arsai a
1SG-be.angry a
Play annotation 068
My aunt (mother's younger sister), I said (to her) that I would sleep here.
mama ade riarka yave yenep ro rine
mama ade riarka ya-ve ya-enep ro ri-ne
mother younger.sibling so 1SG-say 1SG-sleep at EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 069
Mother called for me until she was tired.
mini ndior ya ko imoro
mini ndi-or ya ko i-mor-o
mother 3SG-call PRO.1SG until 3SG-tired-o
Play annotation 070
She went around to look for me.
ria sierep ya
i-ra i-serep ya
3SG-move 3SG-seek PRO.1SG
Play annotation 071
Play annotation 072
I was asleep.
yenep vanasa
ya-enep vanas-a
1SG-sleep only-a