Play annotation 001
I guess yesterday ...
Yave a mandiru weria
ya-ve a mandiru weria
1SG-say a yesterday dulu
Play annotation 002
these children came
vemow sine srama
vemow si-ne si-ra-ma
child 3PL-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 003
here, so you two have talked.
ro rine nai mutatopen
ro ri-ne nai mu-tatopen
at EVID-DEM.PROX later 2DU-tell
Play annotation 004
We have talked.
ndotatopen ko rimnau
ndo-tatopen ko rimnau
1EXCL.PL-tell until having.completed.something
Play annotation 005
This is the last time for them to come.
yaipe srama sine kpe vemnau u riarira
yaipe si-ra-ma si-ne ke ve-mnau u riari-rya
so 3PL-DEM.PROX Topic which-end U therefore-exist
Play annotation 006
mmm ... they will leave ... it's okay.
e... simbure? riame
e si-mbur-e riame
e 3PL-go.home-e okay
Play annotation 007
Mmm ... They will leave.
e simbur.
e si-mbur
e 3PL-go.home
Play annotation 008
They want to come to record for the last time.
riari sive srama suta a vreu veve mnau ria
riari si-ve si-ra-ma si-ut-a a vreu veve mnau ri-a
so 3PL-want 3PL-take-a a words ORDINAL end EVID-DET.3SG-a
Play annotation 009
When they are finished, they will go back to Manokwari.
ro rimnau yaipe simbur raro Manokwari
ro rimnau yaipe si-mbur ra-ro Manokwari
at after.that so 3PL-leave move-at
Play annotation 010
Yesterday they talked to (people who were) in the seaward direction, they said:
mandirndia statopen mrau sive
mandirndi-a si-tatopen ma ra si-ve
yesterday-a 3PL-tell seaward 3PL-say
Play annotation 011
I will go back with them to Wasior.
nganggine ra reu ro ston ro Wasior
nganggine ra re-u ro si-ton ro wasior move landward-U at 3PL-sit at
Play annotation 012
There is no petrol, so...
navro mani riarka
na-vro mani riarka
3PL.NONHUM-empty oil so
Play annotation 013
They used a longboat in the sea.
nai sra usra Jonson ve ra reu siwa mrau
nai si-ra usr-a Jonson ve ra re-u si-wa ma ra
later 3PL-move follow-a long.boat want move landward-U 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST seaward
Play annotation 014
I will go with them seawards.
ra mrau ro
ra ma ra ro
move seaward at
Play annotation 015
Mr. Nelwan says: We two didn't have petrol, so we can't go.
aisnan Nelwan ineme nuvro mani riarka aitura va
aisnan Nelwan i-ne-me ndu-vro mani riarka a-i-tu-ra va
father name.of.a.person 3SG-DEM.PROX-e 1EXCL.DU-empty oil so a-3SG-1INCL.DU-move not
Play annotation 016
We two will stay until they come.
riari tuton naia sive sra ve ma
riari tu-ton nai-a si-ve si-ra ve ma
so 1INCL.DU-sit later-a 3PL-want 3PL-move to
Play annotation 017
They came and brought petrol, so you can go landward (to Wasior).
sramae suta mani riari so mtora reu ki
si-ra-ma a-e si-ut-a mani riari s-o mto-ra re-u ki a-e 3PL-take-a oil so COP-o 2PL-move landward-U small
Play annotation 018
They can find petrol, because they are in town, so...
si ke nai sisuavra mani si vero (siro ro) kota riwa riarka
si ke nai si-suavr-a mani si ve-ro si-ro ro kota ri-wa riarka
PRO.3PL Topic later 3PL-get-a oil PRO.3PL which-at 3PL-at at town EVID-DEM.POSTDIST so
Play annotation 019
They didn't bring petrol.
suta mani yo ma va kpe
si-ut-a mani o ma va ke
3PL-take-a oil o not Topic
Play annotation 020
Here, we didn't have petrol, so...
ton rori rine ke navro mani riarka
ton ro-ri ri-ne ke na-vro mani riarka
sit thing-EVID-DET.3SG EVID-DEM.PROX Topic 3PL.NONHUM-empty oil so
Play annotation 021
we were looking for petrol, but we couldn't find any.
toserep me ai tosuavre va
to-serep me ai to-suavr-e va
1INCL.PL-seek e wood 1INCL.PL-get-e not
Play annotation 022
We couldn't find petrol because we are nothing.
tosuavr va e mbeke tongge tosuavra ro venaya war riarka
to-suavr va e mbeke to-ongge to-suavr-a ro ve-na-ya war riarka
1INCL.PL-get not e perhaps 1INCL.PL-make 1INCL.PL-get-a thing which-have-DET.3SG water so