Play annotation 001
Okay, now Grandmother will tell a story...
iya jadi coba yang berikut lagi itu coba nene cerita
Play annotation 002
about what clans there are in Dusner.
marga apa saja yang ada di Dusner terus
Play annotation 003
Usually they go and move to...
biasa tong pergi tinggal ke
Play annotation 004
which villages? They live in villages where?
kampung-kampung mana, dong tinggal di kampung- kampung mana
Play annotation 005
like Nanimori, Sowiar
macam Nanimori, Sowiar
Play annotation 006
Then usually they go...
terus biasa dong pergi
Play annotation 007
hunting in the hunting grounds like Mambriu or
mencari di tempat-tempat mana seperti Mambriu atau
Play annotation 008
Yasubir; Grandmother will try to tell
Yasubir itu, coba nene
Play annotation 009
how it happened that way.
cerita kenapa sampai bisa seperti itu
Play annotation 010
Your grandfather used to live in Endop Village.
tpumia pone soton ro munuai Endopo
tpumi-a pon-e si-ton ro munuai Endop-o
grandfather-2SG.POSS-a front-e 3PL-sit at
Play annotation 011
We stayed until that girl grew up (became an adult) so ...
ton ko riken ine ive samrik riarka ive
ton ko riken i-ne i-ve samrik riarka i-ve
sit until daughter 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-become mature so 3SG-become
Play annotation 012
Your grandfather tried to find a wife for him.
tpumia sputna riken ya ro i
tpumi-a si-putna riken ya ro i
grandfather-2SG.POSS-a 3PL-ask daughter DET.3SG at PRO.3SG
Play annotation 013
So your Grandfather Yohanes went to Nanimiori.
riari tpumi Yohanes imbur Nanimiori
riari tpumi Yohanes i-mbur Nanimiori
so grandfather-2SG.POSS name.of.a.person 3SG-leave
Play annotation 014
Your grandfather lived in Dusner.
tpumia ston ro Dusner
tpumi-a si-ton ro Dusner
grandfather-2SG.POSS-a 3PL-sit at
Play annotation 015
Your great-uncle (younger brother of grandfather) said:
tpumi ki ine ive
tpumi ki i-ne i-ve
grandfather-2SG.POSS small 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-say
Play annotation 016
I want to go and live in Soviar.
ya ke yave ra ton ro Soviar riarka
ya ke ya-ve ra ton ro Soviar riarka
PRO.1SG Topic 1SG-wantmove sit at None so
Play annotation 017
Your great-uncle went to Soviar and lived in Soviar.
tpumi imbur Soviar tion ro Soviar
tpumi i-mbur Soviar i-ton ro Soviar
grandfather-2SG.POSS 3SG-leave 3SG-sit at
Play annotation 018
He lived (there) until he got married, so...
tion ko piarvut riarka
i-ton ko i-parvut riarka
3SG-sit until 3SG-marry so
Play annotation 019
he lived landward (away from the village).
tion ro vonder iwa
i-ton ro vonder i-wa
3SG-sit at landward 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 020
He had a brother-in-law (sister's husband) who lived in the coastal area.
srar snoman ine tion ro masen
srar snoman i-ne i-ton ro masen
sibling male 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-sit at seawater
Play annotation 021
Your grandfather Yohanes left Dusner and went to Nanimiori, he lived in Nanimiori.
tpumi Yohanes imburo Dusner rarpur ro Nanimiori tion ro Nanimiori
tpumi Yohanes i-mbur-o Dusner rarpur ro Nanimiori i-ton ro Nanimiori
grandfather-2SG.POSS name.of.a.person 3SG-leave-o move.back at 3SG-sit at
Play annotation 022
His sons were Niko, Marten, Septer.
vemow viesya Nikoi, Marteni, Septeri
vemow i-ve-si Niko-i Marten-i Septer-i
child 3SG-POSS-DET.PL name.of.a.person-DET.3SG name.of.a.person-DET.3SG name.of.a.person-DET.3SG
Play annotation 023
His children, there was one daughter named Eriniora.
vemow viesya riken yoser snoria ri Eriniorai
vemow i-ve-si riken yoser snori-a ri Eriniora-i
child 3SG-POSS-DET.PL daughter one name-3SG.POSS-a EVID-DET.3SG name.of.a.person-DET.3SG
Play annotation 024
She married (a man) from Tandia.
piarvut ro Tandia
i-parvut ro Tandia
3SG-marry at
Play annotation 025
I mentioned her brothers' names before.
nae snoman sia nganggine yap si rya
nae snoman sia nganggine ya-ap si rya
sibling male exist 1SG-mention PRO.3PL EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 026
I was alive when Grandfather Yohanes passed away.
yoton ko tetei Yohanes imkare
ya-o-ton ko tetei Yohanes i-mkar-e
1SG-o-sit until grandfather name.of.a.person 3SG-die-e
Play annotation 027
His children are still alive (during the work we are doing now).
vavo viesya soton ko parareur ine
vavo i-ve-si si-ton ko parareur i-ne
young 3SG-POSS-DET.PL 3PL-sit until work 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 028
The young people are looking for jobs in this village.
sna vavo sya sraea seserepa kardian ro munuai riarka
si-na vavo si si-ra-e-a si-serep-a kardian ro munuai riarka
3PL-have young 3PL-DET 3PL-move-e-a 3PL-seek-a work at village so
Play annotation 029
Arkiraus lives in Sombokoro.
Arkiraus tion ro Sombokoro
Arkiraus i-ton ro Sombokoro
name.of.a.person 3SG-sit at
Play annotation 030
Marten's son married Naomi.
Marteni vemow ria piarvut tutr Naomi
Marten-i vemow i-ra i-parvut tutr Naomi
name.of.a.person-DET.3SG child 3SG-move 3SG-marry with name.of.a.person
Play annotation 031
Mr. Dominggus married Barnisi.
mansara Dominggus a piarvut tutra Barnisie
mansar-a Dominggus a i-parvut tutr-a Barnisi-e
elder-a name.of.a.person a 3SG-marry with-a name.of.a.person-e
Play annotation 032
The two of them have (a) child(ren).
suna vemow ya
su-na vemow ya
3DU-have child DET.3SG
Play annotation 033
Your grandfather married twice (had two wives).
tpumi piarvut venuru riarka
tpumi i-parvut ve-nuru riarka
grandfather-2SG.POSS 3SG-marry become-two so
Play annotation 034
Your grandfather Ba.
tpumi Ba
tpumi Ba
grandfather-2SG.POSS name.of.a.person
Play annotation 035
Paulina's mother Epai is a woman from Soviar.
Paurina iya snari Epai riken Soviar irira
Paurina i-ya snari Epa-i riken Soviar i-ri-rya
name.of.a.person 3SG-DEM.DIST mother-3SG.POSS name.of.a.person-DET.3SG daughter 3SG-EVID-EVID-DET
Play annotation 036
Mother (the second wife) was from Woropa (Ambumi Village).
mini riken Woropa
mini riken Woropa
mother daughter
Play annotation 037
So the two of them stayed (there) until mother said to Paurina: I'm angry at you.
riari suton ko mini ivre ro Paurina snari ive a ya ke yarsai au
riari su-ton ko mini i-ve ro Paurina snari i-ve a ya ke ya-arsai au
so 3DU-sit until mother 3SG-say at name.of.a.person mother-3SG.POSS 3SG-say a PRO.1SG Topic 1SG-be.angry PRO.2SG
Play annotation 038
But Father said: We will stay here, so...
vape mansar ine ive toton ya riarka
vape mansar i-ne i-ve to-ton ya riarka
but elder 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-say 1INCL.PL-sit DET.3SG so
Play annotation 039
You'll be angry at me.
warsai ya
wa-arsai ya
2SG-be.angry PRO.1SG
Play annotation 040
We all stayed (there).
toton ndiar
to-ton ndiar
1INCL.PL-sit all
Play annotation 041
My children, they, so...
vemowa yerine sya
vemow-a ya-ve-ri-ne si
Play annotation 042
There were many children, but you are the only daughter.
si ke spau au ke wa yoser vanasa riken rira
si ke si-pau au ke wa yoser vanas-a riken ri-rya
PRO.3PL Topic 3PL-many PRO.2SG Topic PRO.2SG one only-a daughter EVID-EVID-DET
Play annotation 043
I'm a girl (but I have) male (responsibilities).
ya ke riken e snomani
ya ke riken e snoman-i
PRO.1SG Topic daughter e male-DET.3SG
Play annotation 044
Father said to the two of them: don't be angry with each other.
riari mansar ine ivre roro sune ive muve a muve muvekakiek mu va
riari mansar i-ne i-ve ro-ro su-ne i-ve mu-ve a mu-ve mu-ve-kakiek mu va
so elder 3SG-DEM.PROX 3SG-say at-at 3DU-DEM.PROX 3SG-say 2DU-want a 2DU-want PRO.2DU not
Play annotation 045
You two, go home!
mu mumburu ndiar
mu mu-mbur-u ndiar
PRO.2DU 2DU-go.home-U all
Play annotation 046
So the two of them cried.
riari a suveyob
riari a su-ve-yob
so a 3DU-VBLZ-cry