Play annotation 001
My name is Enos Yoweni.
snoker yerya irira Enos Yoweni
snoker ya-ve-rya i-ri-rya Enos Yoweni
name 1SG-POSS-EVID-DET.3SG 3SG-EVID-exist name.of.a.person name.of.a.person
Play annotation 002
My village is Sowiar.
munuai yerya irira Soviar
munuai ya-ve-rya i-ri-rya Soviar
Play annotation 003
but we moved to Simiei
vape tovepinda ro Simiei
vape to-ve-pinda ro Simie-i
but 1INCL.PL-VBLZ-move at
Play annotation 004
I was sixty years old and eight months.
yaveumur a tahun snontu torie rovesiau rimbi tori
ya-ve-umur a tahun snontu tori-e rovesiau rimbi tori
1SG-VBLZ-age a year twenty three-e month five three
Play annotation 005
in this year
ro tahun rine
ro tahun ri-ne
Play annotation 006
So you came to document this language, so I followed (stayed with) you in this hotel.
yaipe mtorama mtove mtosaserep a vreu rine kpe rausr mto ma ro rum amber rine
yaipe mto-ra-ma mto-ve mto-serep a vreu ri-ne ke ra-usr mtoen ma ro rum amber ri-ne
so 2PL-want 2PL-seek a words EVID-DEM.PROX Topic move-follow PRO.2PL at house master EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 007
We talked (about it).
tatopen parareu
tatopen parareu
tell language
Play annotation 008
We wanted to explain the true facts (about the language).
tatopen vreu rine me tatopen tatu
tatopen vreu ri-ne me tatopen tatu
tell words EVID-DEM.PROX e tell right
Play annotation 009
We spoke (this language), we did not mix it with other languages.
tatopen parnandiur tove ro vreu navuor va
tatopen parnandiur to-ve ro vreu na-vuor va
tell gather.together 1INCL.PL-say at words 3PL.NONHUM-many not
Play annotation 010
We gave the correct information (about the language).
vape tatopen tatu
vape tatopen tatu
but tell right
Play annotation 011
Only about the Dusner language.
ro riari vreu Usner rya vanas
ro riari vreu Usner rya vanas
at so words Dusner EVID-DET.3SG only
Play annotation 012
In order to get it right.
riari so rivieu ki
riari s-o rivieu ki
so COP-o correct small
Play annotation 013
If not, we will have trouble in future.
rova me nai syar vepur iwa kpe nai toswavr a ro veviu
ro-va me nai syar ve-pur i-wa ke nai to-swavr a ro veviu
thing-not then later day which-back 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST Topic later 1INCL.PL-know a at trouble
Play annotation 014
Because we did not speak this language correctly.
manveke totatopen tatu usr a vreu rine va riarka
manveke to-tatopen tatu usr a vreu ri-ne va riarka
because 1INCL.PL-tell right follow a words EVID-DEM.PROX not so
Play annotation 015
God will come, He will be angry at us.
nai mansar ya ria ma kpe nai ndiarsai toen
nai mansar ya i-ra ma ke nai ndi-arsai toen
later elder PRO.1SG 3SG-move Topic later 3SG-be.angry PRO.1INCL.PL
Play annotation 016
Because He left the language to the Sowiar people
va vreu rine ke imbur i vur tutra Soviar sya riarka
va vreu ri-ne ke i-mbur i vur tutr-a Soviar si riarka
not words EVID-DEM.PROX Topic 3SG-leave PRO.3SG pass with-a 3PL-DET so
Play annotation 017
Nowadays they have a new name (for it), they call it Dusner.
syar ine sive vesnoker vavo ve sive Usner
syar i-ne si-ve ve-snoker vavo ve si-ve Usner
day 3SG-DEM.PROX 3PL-become VBLZ-name new to 3PL-say Dusner
Play annotation 018
But it's not, its (the place's) name is Sowiar (not Dusner).
vape i ke rova snokria ri Soviar
vape i ke ro-va snokr-i-a ri Soviar
but PRO.3SG Topic thing-not name-PRO.3SG-a EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 019
Dusner is the name of the language, the name of the village is Soviar.
Usner ya ke vreu rira munuai iriya Soviar
Usner ya ke vreu ri-rya munuai i-ri-ya Soviar
Dusner DET.3SG Topic words EVID-EVID-DET village 3SG-EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 020
The first place that God promised.
munuai vevua vepon ya ryari rya sernia
munuai ve-vua ve-pon ya rya-ri rya sern-i-a
village which-big which-front DET.3SG exist-EVID-DET.3SG EVID-DET.3SG God-PRO.3SG-a
Play annotation 021
He created a second place for the ancestors.
piaptam munuai vevenuru ine ve snon vepon ya
i-paptam munuai veve-nuru i-ne ve snon ve-pon ya
3SG-walk village ORDINAL-two 3SG-DEM.PROX to male which-front DET.3SG
Play annotation 022
He is in Sowiar
rio ro ryari Soviar
i-ro ro rya-ri Soviar
3SG-at at exist-EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 023
they are the cause of our existence here
ryari tpun sya ve ko syar ine to ndiar
rya-ri to-pun si ve ko syar i-ne toen ndiar
exist-EVID-DET.3SG 1INCL.PL-cause 3PL-DET become until day 3SG-DEM.PROX PRO.1INCL.PL all
Play annotation 024
I, in the past ...
vape syar vepon ya ke
vape syar ve-pon ya ke
but day which-front DET.3SG Topic
Play annotation 025
my father
ya ke atai ya
ya ke atai ya
PRO.1SG Topic father DET.3SG
Play annotation 026
He (father) was angry, he went to Bintuni, he was married there, he got me ( I was born) there and I grew up there.
ria kakiek ko ria ro Bentunie piarvut ro riwa e isvravr ya ro riwae yavua
i-ra kakiek ko i-ra ro Bentuni-e i-parvut ro ri-wa e i-svravr ya ro ri-wa-e ya-vua
3SG-move until 3SG-move at 3SG-marry at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST e 3SG-have PRO.1SG at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST-e 1SG-big
Play annotation 027
and we moved to back here to Sowiar.
yaipe skan ra ve ma ro Sowiar yaipe ndora kan re ve ma
yaipe si-kan ra ve ma ro Soviar yaipe ndo-ra kan re ve ma
so 3PL-be.back seaward to at so 1EXCL.PL-move be.back landward to
Play annotation 028
the people in Dusner called me a newcomer (I am not one of the Dusner people)
ryari snon vero Usner ine sve ya ke snon ra kan ra ve ma
rya-ri snon ve-ro Usner i-ne si-ve ya ke snon ra kan ra ve ma
exist-EVID-DET.3SG male which-at Dusner 3SG-DEM.PROX 3PL-say PRO.1SG Topic male move be.back seaward to
Play annotation 029
They said I was not (one of the) Sowiar people
ya ke bukan snon vero Soviar
ya ke bukan snon ve-ro Soviar
PRO.1SG Topic not male which-at
Play annotation 030
So now we see the truth.
riari syar ine yaipe totatopen vreu tatu ryari ra
riari syar i-ne yaipe to-tatopen vreu tatu rya-ri rya
therefore day 3SG-DEM.PROX so 1INCL.PL-tell words right exist-EVID-DET.3SG EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 031
When God came, he decreed: Yes, you are (one of the Dusner people).
riari so aisnan ya ria ma kpe vie akui vanas e ive risau tane
riari s-o aisnan ya i-ra ma ke i-ve akui vanas e i-ve ri-s-au tane
so COP-o God DET.3SG 3SG-move Topic 3SG-say recognize only e 3SG-say EVID-DET-COP-PRO.2SG (intensifier)
Play annotation 032
You are from here (Dusner).
au ke snontu vero munuai rine
au ke snontu ve-ro munuai ri-ne
PRO.2SG Topic person which-at village EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 033
So you still use the language of the land.
ryarya ausia twatopen tutra a vreu naya rya
rya-rya au-sia wa-tatopen tutr-a a vreu na rya
exist-EVID-DET.3SG PRO.2SG-exist 2SG-tell with-a a words PRO.3PL.NONHUM EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 034
But otherwise, He will come and say: you are not, you are a newcomer.
manveke rova kpe ria ma kpe nai ive au ke rova auke snontu vero riwa
manveke ro-va ke i-ra ma ke nai i-ve au ke ro-va au-ke snontu ve-ro ri-wa
because thing-not Topic 3SG-move Topic later 3SG-say PRO.2SG Topic thing-not PRO.2SG-Topic person which-at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 035
So you came here, but you don't live here, you ... (your) village is up there.
yaipe rwa ma twon ro rine va rya au munuai veve rine ryae
yaipe wa-ra ma wa-ton ro ri-ne va rya au munuai ve-ve ri-ne ryae
so 2SG-move 2SG-sit at EVID-DEM.PROX not EVID-DET.3SG PRO.2SG village which-want EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 036
Because you still speak the (Dusner) language.
manveke ausia twatopen ro vreu riya
manveke au-sia wa-tatopen ro vreu ri-ya
because PRO.2SG-exist 2SG-tell at words EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 037
He will come, and he will say: Oh, yes!
ria ma kpe ive o tatu
i-ra ma ke i-ve o tatu
3SG-move Topic 3SG-say o right
Play annotation 038
He still stays in the village.
isia rio ro riari munuai iya paru rine rya
i-sia i-ro ro riari munuai i-ya paru ri-ne rya
3SG-exist 3SG-at at therefore village 3SG-DEM.DIST middle EVID-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 039
He still speaks the Dusner language.
riari sya tiatopen ro vreu Usner ine ko syar ine rya
riari si i-tatopen ro vreu Usner i-ne ko syar i-ne rya
so 3PL-DET 3SG-tell at words Dusner 3SG-DEM.PROX until day 3SG-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 040
Now we have to act (so that others will be able to speak the Dusner language as well).
riarka syar ine kpe topananusr i
riarka syar i-ne ke to-pananusr i
so day 3SG-DEM.PROX Topic 1INCL.PL-make.efforts PRO.3SG
Play annotation 041
We will make an effort for the adults and the children too.
topananusr i ve vevua vavo sine sok
to-pananusr i ve ve-vua vavo si-ne sok
1INCL.PL-make.efforts PRO.3SG to which-big young 3PL-DEM.PROX too
Play annotation 042
We must speak this language, we should not speak other languages.
totatopen ro vreu rine totatopen ro vreu vonder kpe a i rova
to-tatopen ro vreu ri-ne to-tatopen ro vreu vonder ke a i ro-va
1INCL.PL-tell at words EVID-DEM.PROX 1INCL.PL-tell at words landward Topic a PRO.3SG thing-not
Play annotation 043
Because the language belongs to God.
So vreu rine ke aisnan ya aisnan mansar iya
s-o vreu ri-ne ke aisnan ya aisnan mansar i-ya
COP-o words EVID-DEM.PROX Topic God DET.3SG God elder 3SG-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 044
God gave it to the Soviar people.
aisnan mansar rya riur na tutre Soviar sya riarka
aisnan mansar rya i-rur na tutr-e Soviar si riarka
God elder EVID-DET.3SG 3SG-put PRO.3PL.NONHUM with-e 3PL-DET so
Play annotation 045
They won't forget it, but they will remember it and use it until God comes.
nai spnokr i va statopen ro i ko rya wer ma
nai si-pnokr i va si-tatopen ro i ko rya wer ma
later 3PL-forget PRO.3SG not 3PL-tell at PRO.3SG until EVID-DET.3SG again
Play annotation 046
Those who forget their language, God will forget about them too; God will leave them.
oyo ive iprok i me mansar ya ria ma kpe isok nai iprok i e ria vur i
oyo i-ve i-pnokr i me mansar ya i-ra ma ke i-sok nai i-pnokr i e i-ra vur i
one 3SG-want 3SG-forget PRO.3SG then elder DET.3SG 3SG-move Topic 3SG-too later 3SG-forget PRO.3SG e 3SG-move pass PRO.3SG
Play annotation 047
So I say to the young people in Dusner:
riari yave vemow vero Usner iwa
riari ya-ve vemow ve-ro Usner i-wa
therefore 1SG-say child which-at Dusner 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 048
They shouldn't be like that.
sivevesia va kpe
si-ve-ve-sia va ke
3PL-which-want-exist not Topic
Play annotation 049
They will come and all of us together...
sra ma topandure
si-ra ma to-parnandiur-e
3PL-move 1INCL.PL-gather.together-e
Play annotation 050
we will be united,
toparnandiur e
to-parnandiur e
1INCL.PL-gather.together e
Play annotation 051
we will speak the language.
totatopen parareu
to-tatopen parareu
1INCL.PL-tell language
Play annotation 052
The work that you do for us
usra kardian rine kardian mtora ma ro ine
usr-a kardian ri-ne kardian mto-ra ma ro i-ne
follow-a work EVID-DEM.PROX work 2PL-move at 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 053
we will do it until it is finished.
a ve topaptama ko rimnau
a ve to-paptama ko rimnau
a want 1INCL.PL-clear until having.completed.something
Play annotation 054
Not only for one person (but for everyone).
ro bukan snontu yoser
ro bukan snontu yoser
thing not person one
Play annotation 055
Young people, adults in Dusner.
vape snon vuavo ve snon mansare vero Usner rya
vape snon vavo ve snon mansar-e ve-ro Usner rya
but male young to male elder-e which-at Dusner EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 056
We will preserve the language.
totarvasra a vreu ine
to-tarvasra a vreu i-ne
1INCL.PL-raise a words 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 057
As it was in the past.
mni vepon ya
rimni ve-pon ya which-front DET.3SG
Play annotation 058
No, the language shall not die.
manveke rova kpe vreu rine rio mor va
manveke ro-va ke vreu ri-ne i-ro mor va
because thing-not Topic words EVID-DEM.PROX 3SG-die tired not
Play annotation 059
The language will die.
vreu rine nai rio
vreu ri-ne nai i-ro
words EVID-DEM.PROX later 3SG-die
Play annotation 060
In the future, the children won't understand (the language).
syar vepur iwa kpe vemow vuavo sine kpe statar
syar ve-pur i-wa ke vemow vavo si-ne ke si-tatar
day which-back 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST Topic child young 3PL-DEM.PROX Topic 3PL-get.lost
Play annotation 061
They won't know this language.
nai snanggawart nandwort
nai si-nanggawart nandwort
later 3PL-confuse language
Play annotation 062
So I say: You are here, so we can't just talk (about it, we must act).
riari yave rwa vesia riarka vreu naya navuor va kpe
riari ya-ve wa-ra ve-sia riarka vreu na na-vuor va ke
therefore 1SG-say 2SG-move VBLZ-exist so words PRO.3PL.NONHUM 3PL.NONHUM-many not Topic
Play annotation 063
I came along with you.
ra usr mtoene torarvav
ra usr mtoen-e to-rarvav
move follow PRO.2PL-e 1INCL.PL-downward
Play annotation 064
We will write, after that I will go home and you will too.
toton ro riwae topap tama na ko rimnau yaipe yambur (yaipe mtombure yasok yambur)
to-ton ro ri-wa-e to-pap tama na ko rimnau yaipe ya-mbur yaipe mto-mbur-e ya-sok ya-mbur
1INCL.PL-sit at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST-e 1INCL.PL-write so.that PRO.3PL.NONHUM until after.that so 1SG-leave so 2PL-go.home-e 1SG-too 1SG-leave
Play annotation 065
You will go home to your town, we will go home.
mtosok mtove mtombur a ro kota riwa kpe tombur
mto-sok mto-ve mto-mbur a ro kota ri-wa ke to-mbur
2PL-too 2PL-want 2PL-leave a at town EVID-DEM.POSTDIST Topic 1INCL.PL-leave
Play annotation 066
I will go home too, home to the village.
e yasok e yambur yambur raro munuai yeriwa
e ya-sok e ya-mbur ya-mbur ra-ro munuai ya-ve-ri-wa
e 1SG-too e 1SG-leave 1SG-leave move-at village 1SG-POSS-EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 067
Play annotation 068
Better for the lady (Emma, who stayed in the village).
vevieu ro rya ri vemow riken riwa
vevieu ro rya ri vemow riken ri-wa
good at EVID-DET.3SG EVID-DET.3SG child daughter EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 069
She gave information and made recordings there (in Dusner).
rya tiatopen ne vierekam ro riwa e
rya i-tatopen e i-ve-rekam ro ri-wa e
the 3SG-tell e 3SG-VBLZ-record at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST e
Play annotation 070
You bring them (the recordings) here.
mtout na ma a veverya rya.
mto-ut na ma a ve-ve-rya rya
Play annotation 071
Like that.
veve rya
ve-ve rya
which-become EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 072
In order to have the correct (recordings).
ive ria ve vietatu
i-ve i-ra ve i-ve-tatu
3SG-say 3SG-move become 3SG-VBLZ-right
Play annotation 073
They (the recordings) will be correct for our children.
vietatu ve a rvart ro vemow vuavo sine
i-ve-tatu ve a rvart ro vemow vavo si-ne
3SG-VBLZ-right to a lie at child young 3PL-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 074
So they will only speak this language.
a ve statopen ro vreu ine vanas
a ve si-tatopen ro vreu i-ne vanas
a say 3PL-tell at words 3SG-DEM.PROX only
Play annotation 075
With these traditions, because of these traditions too.
tutra adat rine ye adat rine sok
tutr-a adat ri-ne e adat ri-ne sok
with-a custom EVID-DEM.PROX e custom EVID-DEM.PROX too
Play annotation 076
If we are the only ones and we don't have traditions, we won't be able...
kalau munuai rine ndiar ve ton ro adat va (kpe) nai diadi va
kalau munuai ri-ne ndiar ve ton ro adat va ke nai diadi va
if village EVID-DEM.PROX all want sit at custom not Topic later not
Play annotation 077
to speak this language, but we have preserved our traditions.
totatopen ro vreu naya kpe adat vierya iria sok
to-tatopen ro vreu na ke adat i-ve-rya i-ri-a sok
1INCL.PL-tell at words PRO.3PL.NONHUM Topic custom 3SG-POSS-EVID-DET.SG 3SG-EVID-DET-a too
Play annotation 078
So it will be like that.
riari so rimni kpe
riari s-o rimni ke
so COP-o Topic
Play annotation 079
(The language is) good, so you came...
riarka rivieu ryari mtora ma rya
riarka rivieu rya-ri mto-ra ma rya
so correct exist-EVID-DET.3SG 2PL-move EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 080
You are from the city, but you are looking for it (Dusner) in this place.
mtoro amber siwa vape mtoserep ye mtora ma ro munuai rine rya
mto-ro amber si-wa vape mto-serep e mto-ra ma ro munuai ri-ne rya
2PL-at master 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST but 2PL-seek e 2PL-move at village EVID-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 081
But the adults in this village, we don't talk about the language, but we only sit.
vevua vero munuai rine kpe ndotatopen parareu va toton vanas toton pasis vanas
ve-vua ve-ro munuai ri-ne ke ndo-tatopen parareu va to-ton vanas to-ton pasis vanas
which-big which-at village EVID-DEM.PROX Topic 1EXCL.PL-tell language not 1INCL.PL-sit only 1INCL.PL-sit quietly only
Play annotation 082
But then God...
vape nai sern ya
vape nai sern ya
but later God DET.3SG
Play annotation 083
God wanted you to come.
sern ya i veve ko mtora ma rya
sern ya i ve-ve ko mto-ra ma rya
God DET.3SG PRO.3SG which-want until 2PL-move EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 084
So we are united in making an effort for this language in this village.
e tove yosere totatopen a parareu tutra munuai rine rya
e to-ve yoser-e to-tatopen a parareu tutr-a munuai ri-ne rya
e 1INCL.PL-become one-e 1INCL.PL-tell a language with-a village EVID-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 085
So in the future, this language will still be alive as it was in the past.
a vevepur iwa kpe vreu ine ya mni pon ya.
a ve-ve-pur i-wa ke vreu i-ne ya rimni pon ya
a which-to-back 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST Topic words 3SG-DEM.PROX DET.3SG front DET.3SG