Play annotation 001
Good evening to you, my brothers and sisters.
rov vevieu ro snon yesya mtoen
rov vevieu ro snon ya-ve-si mtoen
night good at male 1SG-POSS-3PL-DET PRO.2PL
Play annotation 002
I want to tell...
yave tatopen usra
ya-ve tatopen usr-a
1SG-want tell follow-a
Play annotation 003
stories from our parents.
vreu a vevua sya statopen ya
vreu a ve-vua si si-tatopen ya
words a which-big 3PL-DET 3PL-tell DET.3SG
Play annotation 004
They told me, they said:
stopen ro yae sive
si-topen ro ya-e si-ve
3PL-tell at PRO.1SG-e 3PL-say
Play annotation 005
We cannot leave Soviar.
munuai Soviar iwa ke nai tora vur i va
munuai Soviar i-wa ke nai to-ra vur i va
village 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST Topic later 1INCL.PL-move pass PRO.3SG not
Play annotation 006
That place that we lived at earlier times.
i ke munuai ya pon ya ton ro riya ndiar
i ke munuai ya pon ya ton ro ri-ya ndiar
PRO.3SG Topic village DET.3SG front DET.3SG sit at EVID-DEM.DIST all
Play annotation 007
And we were separated from each other there.
yaipe vieve tora kakiek vur i rya
yaipe i-veve to-ra kakiek vur i rya
Play annotation 008
Some went to the towns, some went overseas.
riari vera ko vera ambere vera ko vera vondere
riari ve-ra ko ve-ra amber-e ve-ra ko ve-ra vonder-e
so which-move until which-move master-e which-move until which-move landward-e
Play annotation 009
Maybe that was right.
vape mbeke nai tatu
vape mbeke nai tatu
but perhaps later right
Play annotation 010
So we still stay.
riari tosine toton me
riari to-s-i-ne to-ton me
therefore 1INCL.PL-COP-3SG-DEM.PROX 1INCL.PL-sit e
Play annotation 011
We still pay attention to the place.
tosne ke parariu ro munuai rine rya
to-s-e ke parariu ro munuai ri-ne rya
1INCL.PL-COP-e Topic work at village EVID-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 012
So yesterday we had a meeting in Dusner, we talked about our language.
riso mandiren ya topandur ro Usnere totatopen usra vreu vierya
riso mandiren ya to-parnandiur ro Usner-e to-tatopen usr-a vreu i-ve-rya
so.that afternoon DET.3SG 1INCL.PL-gather.together at Dusner-e 1INCL.PL-tell follow-a words 3SG-POSS-EVID-DET.SG
Play annotation 013
So, we came here (Wasior) again.
rimnau yaipe tora mreu ro rine sok
rimnau yaipe to-ra ma-re-u ro ri-ne sok
after.that so 1INCL.PL-move at EVID-DEM.PROX too
Play annotation 014
Up until tonight, we have been talking.
tosine rov rine sok tosine totatopen usr i
to-s-i-ne rov ri-ne sok to-s-i-ne to-tatopen usr i
Play annotation 015
The people from overseas, they came too.
snontu ve vero vonderwae ria sok ma
snontu ve ve-ro vonder-wa-e i-ra sok ma
person which which-at landward-DEM.POSTDIST-e 3SG-move too
Play annotation 016
They helped us.
ive viebantu tone
i-ve i-ve-bantu toen-e
3SG-want 3SG-VBLZ-help PRO.1INCL.PL-e
Play annotation 017
We were together.
Play annotation 018
in order for us to record the Dusner language as it was in the past.
topap tama vreu nane vreu Usner ine a ve mnia pon ya
to-pap tama vreu na-ne vreu Usner i-ne a ve rimni-a pon ya
1INCL.PL-write so.that words 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX words Dusner 3SG-DEM.PROX a become front DET.3SG
Play annotation 019
The young people didn't know it (the language).
ve ko vemow vavo sine a simnap mor i va ke
ve ko vemow vavo si-ne a si-mnap mor i va ke
become until child young 3PL-DEM.PROX a 3PL-listen tired PRO.3SG not Topic
Play annotation 020
They didn't have the language.
aipe vavo sya vera ma si ke snabro vreu
yaipe vavo si ve-ra ma si ke si-na-bro vreu
so young 3PL-DET which-move 3PL-DET Topic 3PL-have-empty words
Play annotation 021
So today, we sit together, we talk, we behave as we did in the past.
riari syar ine topandure totatopen usr i ve topap tama ko mni pon ya
riari syar i-ne to-parnandiur-e to-tatopen usr i ve to-pap tama ko rimni pon
therefore day 3SG-DEM.PROX 1INCL.PL-gather.together-e 1INCL.PL-tell follow PRO.3SG to 1INCL.PL-write so.that until front
Play annotation 022
So in the future, we will have a good life as in the past.
ryariso toswavr a vevieu ro syar vera ma siwa ke
rya-riso to-swavr a vevieu ro syar ve-ra ma si-wa ke
EVID-DET-so.that 1INCL.PL-know a good at day which-move 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST Topic
Play annotation 023
Parents say: This is the promised land.
munuai Soviar iwa kpe apui sive munuai ya vierya irira
munuai Soviar i-wa ke apui si-ve munuai ya i-ve-rya i-ri-rya
village 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST Topic grandfather 3PL-say village DET.3SG 3SG-POSS-EVID-DET.SG 3SG-EVID-exist
Play annotation 024
The promised land.
munuai iverya iri
munuai i-ve-rya i-ri
Play annotation 025
The language was born there.
snar i a tion tutr i ro riya
snar i a i-ton tutr i ro ri-ya
because PRO.3SG a 3SG-sit with PRO.3SG at EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 026
We will keep it forever.
riarka tovejaga i ko syar vepur iwa ria kan ra ve ma
riarka to-ve-jaga i ko syar ve-pur i-wa i-ra kan ra ve ma
so 1INCL.PL-VBLZ-keep PRO.3SG until day which-back 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST 3SG-move be.back move to
Play annotation 027
We will stay together there.
topandur ro i riya
to-parnandiur ro i ri-ya
1INCL.PL-gather.together at PRO.3SG EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 028
We won't be tired but we will stay happy forever.
yaipe rimnau rya rira a tomkar va vape toparnandes ko risma
yaipe rimnau rya ri-rya a to-mkar va vape to-parnandes ko risma
so having.completed.something EVID-DET.3SG EVID-exist a 1INCL.PL-die not but 1INCL.PL-be.happy until long
Play annotation 029
So the people of Numfor, the people of Yende,
ryari snontu vero Numfore, snontu vero Masoe
rya-ri snontu ve-ro Numfor-e snontu ve-ro Masoe
exist-EVID-DET.3SG person which-at person which-at Yende.people
Play annotation 030
the people of Rosuar,
snontu vero Rosware
snontu ve-ro Roswar-e
person which-at
Play annotation 031
In that place where we live, we will separate from each other, he will say: Go there!
munuai terya ira topanduro riya yaipe ive ova risine mtora mtoton ro riwa
munuai to-ve-rya i-rya to-parnandiur-o ri-ya yaipe i-ve o-va risine mto-ra mto-ton ro ri-wa
village 1INCL.PL-POSS-EVID-DET.3SG 3SG-EVID-DET 1INCL.PL-gather.together-o EVID-DEM.DIST so 3SG-say o-not here 2PL-move 2PL-sit at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 032
Some here could go and stay there.
risine mtora mtoton ve siwa
risine mto-ra mto-ton ve si-wa
here 2PL-move 2PL-sit to 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 033
You will stay with the language in this place.
yaipe rine mtoton tutra ro nane ro munuai rine
yaipe ri-ne mto-ton tutr-a ro na-ne ro munuai ri-ne
so EVID-DEM.PROX 2PL-sit with-a thing 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX at village EVID-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 034
Don't go anywhere, stay here forever.
mtora kakyek va vape mtoton ko syar vepur wa
mto-ra kakyek va vape mto-ton ko syar ve-pur wa
2PL-move everywhere not but 2PL-sit until day which-back PRO.2SG
Play annotation 035
This means that we will be together.
ya vera ma riso yave rimnau rya rira yaipe topandur rya rira
ya ve-ra ma riso ya-ve rimnau rya ri-rya yaipe to-parnandiur rya ri-rya
PRO.1SG which-move so.that 1SG-say after.that EVID-DET.3SG EVID-exist so 1INCL.PL-gather.together EVID-DET.3SG EVID-exist
Play annotation 036
But today it is difficult to find things.
vape mbeke syar sine ke toswawr a ro naya me namnis va
vape mbeke syar si-ne ke to-swawr a ro na me na-mnis va
but perhaps day 3PL-DEM.PROX Topic 1INCL.PL-look.for a thing 3PL.NONHUM-DET e 3PL.NONHUM-be.same not
Play annotation 037
We want to work, but things are scarce.
riarka tove topaptama ro nane me tovesusa ro
riarka to-ve to-paptama ro na-ne me to-ve-susa ro
so 1INCL.PL-want 1INCL.PL-clear thing 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX e 1INCL.PL-VBLZ-have.problem at
Play annotation 038
Even to eat is difficult.
tan ro me vecukup va
to-an ro me ve-cukup va
1INCL.PL-eat thing e VBLZ-enough not
Play annotation 039
We want to travel, but we don't have things.
tove tora kakyek me diadi va tobro ro riarka
to-ve to-ra kakyek me diadi va to-bro ro riarka
1INCL.PL-want 1INCL.PL-move everywhere e not 1INCL.PL-empty thing so
Play annotation 040
We stay at home from morning until night.
toton vanas ro rum rine ko rov ine riari meskema vavo ria ko rov ine
to-ton vanas ro rum ri-ne ko rov i-ne riari meskema vavo i-ra ko rov i-ne
1INCL.PL-sit only at house EVID-DEM.PROX until night 3SG-DEM.PROX therefore tomorrow new 3SG-move until night 3SG-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 041
We want to travel, but we don't have things, so we cannot.
tove tora kakyek me nabro ro riarka tora me diadi va
to-ve to-ra kakyek me na-bro ro riarka to-ra me diadi va
1INCL.PL-want 1INCL.PL-move everywhere e 3PL.NONHUM-empty thing so 1INCL.PL-move e not
Play annotation 042
We just believe ...
vape tosnekert ya
vape to-snekert ya
but 1INCL.PL-believe DET.3SG
Play annotation 043
we will have difficulty in speaking this language.
topap tama vreu nane tutr a susa ro toen
to-pap tama vreu na-ne tutr a susa ro toen
1INCL.PL-write so.that words 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX with a have.problem at PRO.1INCL.PL
Play annotation 044
But don't think about it.
vape tosnekert pai va
vape to-snekert pai va
but 1INCL.PL-believe pay.attention not
Play annotation 045
Don't think about it.
tosnekert pai va parareu va
to-snekert pai va parareu va
1INCL.PL-believe pay.attention not language not
Play annotation 046
We only work for that.
vape tovekardian tovekardian ro i
vape to-ve-kardian to-ve-kardian ro i
but 1INCL.PL-VBLZ-work 1INCL.PL-VBLZ-work at PRO.3SG
Play annotation 047
We work for that so that in the future, we will be blessed.
tovekardian ro i riarka syar a vera ma siwa kpe nai toswavr berkat
to-ve-kardian ro i riarka syar a ve-ra ma si-wa ke nai to-swavr berkat
1INCL.PL-VBLZ-work at PRO.3SG so day a which-move 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST Topic later 1INCL.PL-know blessing
Play annotation 048
So I say: From the boy Kris,
riari yave vevieu ro naie pnoman ya Kris ye
riari ya-ve vevieu ro naie pnoman ya Kris e
therefore 1SG-say good at relatives nephew DET.3SG name.of.a.person e
Play annotation 049
They (Kris and Anna) made the recording first.
sivebuka ran ine siverekam ro riwa ko rimnau yaipe
si-ve-buka ran i-ne si-ve-rekam ro ri-wa ko rimnau yaipe
3PL-VBLZ-open way 3SG-DEM.PROX 3PL-VBLZ-record at EVID-DEM.POSTDIST until after.that so
Play annotation 050
You brought this recording here for me.
mtouta rekam nane ma ro ya ro rine
mto-ut-a rekam na-ne ma ro ya ro ri-ne
Play annotation 051
I see and I fix (translate) it, to correct it, it is correct, yes, it is correct.
pap tama i ya ve ko rivieu rimnis a i ke rivieu
pap tama i ya ve ko rivieu ri-mnis a i ke rivieu
write so.that PRO.3SG DET.3SG to until correct EVID-DET-be.same a PRO.3SG Topic correct
Play annotation 052
Maybe God says that it is the time.
a iya sern ya na ive ro riya
a i-ya sern ya na i-ve ro ri-ya
Play annotation 053
So it can be like that.
riari a ve sine rya
riari a ve si-ne rya
so a become 3PL-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 054
Right, in the past we stayed in Sowiar.
riarka rivieu pon ya ke ton ro riya Soviar
riarka rivieu pon ya ke ton ro ri-ya Soviar
so correct front DET.3SG Topic sit at EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 055
Wapoga Company came and worked in Lotpon, it wants to make a road to Soviar.
perusahaan Wapoga ya ria ma piaptama ro ro Lotpon iwae ive veran ra ro a ria ro Soviar
perusahaan wapoga ya i-ra ma i-paptama ro ro Lotpon i-wa-e i-ve ve-ran ra ro a i-ra ro Soviar
company DET.3SG 3SG-move 3SG-clear at at 3SG-DEM.POSTDIST-e 3SG-want VBLZ-way move at a 3SG-move at
Play annotation 056
But I said no.
me yave a rova
me ya-ve a ro-va
but 1SG-say a thing-not
Play annotation 057
This is the Promised Land, so...
me yave a rine ke a munuai paru rira riarka
me ya-ve a ri-ne ke a munuai paru ri-rya riarka
e 1SG-say a EVID-DEM.PROX Topic a village middle EVID-exist so
Play annotation 058
we cannot change it until the future.
nai tove ve riveso va i ke vie ve si ve ko syar vera ma siwa
nai to-ve ve ri-ve-s-o va i ke i-ve ve si ve ko syar ve-ra ma si-wa
later 1INCL.PL-want become EVID-DET-which-COP-o not PRO.3SG Topic 3SG-want give PRO.3PL to until day which-move 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST
Play annotation 059
So you all (were the ones who) went seaward and (created) a path blocking me in Simiei.
riarka mto vera kan rae ria kut ya ro Simiei
riarka mtoen ve-ra kan ra-e i-ra kut ya ro Simie-i
so PRO.2PL which-move be.back seaward-e 3SG-move cut PRO.1SG at
Play annotation 060
I will go landward to you.
nai ra mreu ro mton ro riya
nai ra ma re-u ro mto-ton ro ri-ya
later move landward-U at 2PL-sit at EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 061
So you would build houses for their children.
yaipe mtove a rum ve ro vemow nane
yaipe mto-ve a rum ve ro vemow na-ne
so 2PL-give a house to at child 3PL.NONHUM-DEM.PROX
Play annotation 062
You don't have to do that.
toton ro riya ke rine ke rova rine ke rimnau
to-ton ro ri-ya ke ri-ne ke ro-va ri-ne ke rimnau
1INCL.PL-sit at EVID-DEM.DIST Topic EVID-DEM.PROX Topic thing-not EVID-DEM.PROX Topic after.that
Play annotation 063
This is the Promised Land.
Rine ke munuai vetuar rira riarka
ri-ne ke munuai ve-tuar ri-rya riarka
EVID-DEM.PROX Topic village VBLZ-old EVID-exist so
Play annotation 064
We want to change it, but God will be angry at us, so let it be.
tove tove ve rine nai aisnan mansar ya i nai ndiarsai toen riarka rimnau
to-ve to-ve ve ri-ne nai aisnan mansar ya i nai ndi-arsai toen riarka rimnau
1INCL.PL-want 1INCL.PL-want become EVID-DEM.PROX later God elder DET.3SG PRO.3SG later 3SG-be.angry PRO.1INCL.PL so after.that
Play annotation 065
He (God) came, He asked us.
ro nai ria ma kpe nai piutna toen
ro nai i-ra ma ke nai i-putna toen
thing later 3SG-move Topic later 3SG-ask PRO.1INCL.PL
Play annotation 066
This place, I say to you: You should go, you preserve it.
munuai rine ke tatopen ro mtoen yave yave riarka mtotone mtovejaga e
munuai ri-ne ke tatopen ro mtoen ya-ve ya-ve riarka mto-ton-e mto-ve-jaga e
village EVID-DEM.PROX Topic tell at PRO.2PL 1SG-say 1SG-say so 2PL-sit-e 2PL-VBLZ-keep e
Play annotation 067
Until I come back.
ko syar vepur vera ma siwae ra ve ma
ko syar ve-pur ve-ra ma si-wa-e ra ve ma
until day which-back which-move 3PL-DEM.POSTDIST-e move to
Play annotation 068
What I will do depends on me.
yaipe yave topaptam vevesoyo i ke mantundi si ro ya
yaipe ya-ve to-paptam veveso-o i ke mantundi si ro ya
so 1SG-want 1INCL.PL-walk why-o PRO.3SG Topic myself 3PL-DET at PRO.1SG
Play annotation 069
I will go, I won't come back, while you are like this.
vape rae ya sia ra kan ra ve ma va e mtove vesine rya
vape ra-e ya sia ra kan ra ve ma va e mto-ve ve-s-i-ne rya
but move-e PRO.1SG exist move be.back seaward to not e 2PL-become which-COP-3SG-DEM.PROX EVID-DET.3SG
Play annotation 070
So you will still remember my promise.
berarti mtomnap usra vreu yeriya
berarti mto-mnap usr-a vreu ya-ve-ri-ya
mean 2PL-listen follow-a words 1SG-POSS-EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 071
So I will be angry with you.
riarka nai yarsai mtoen
riarka nai ya-arsai mtoen
so later 1SG-be.angry PRO.2PL
Play annotation 072
So the two of them from overseas came too, and I say: what did you come for?
riaria snon vero munuai vonderwa sura sok ma me yave ah rosai suve sura ma sve ro ya
riari-a snon ve-ro munuai vonder-wa su-ra sok ma me ya-ve ah rosai su-ve su-ra ma si-ve ro ya
so-a male which-at village landward-DEM.POSTDIST 3DU-move too e 1SG-say ah what 3DU-want 3DU-move 3PL-want at PRO.1SG
Play annotation 073
Ah, nothing ... the two of them came to record the Dusner language.
me statopen sive rova suve sura ma rya sura ma suverekama vreu Usner riya
me si-tatopen si-ve ro-va su-ve su-ra ma rya su-ra ma su-ve-rekam-a vreu Usner ri-ya
e 3PL-tell 3PL-say thing-not 3DU-want 3DU-move EVID-DET.3SG 3DU-move 3DU-become-record-a words Dusner EVID-DEM.DIST
Play annotation 074
Right, I guess they came to make (material about) the Dusner language.
tatu yakiai nai ndongge naya ndopap tama vreu Usner rine va vape mbeke rova sive sra ma sipap tama ine.
tatu ya-kiai nai ndo-ongge na ndo-pap tama vreu Usner ri-ne va vape mbeke ro-va si-ve si-ra ma si-pap tama i-ne
right 1SG-guess later 1EXCL.PL-make PRO.3PL.NONHUM 1EXCL.PL-write so.that words Dusner EVID-DEM.PROX not but perhaps thing-not 3PL-want 3PL-move 3PL-write so.that 3SG-DEM.PROX